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The Best Conditions For Building A Unicorn

If you were looking to build a company, and you were looking to build a unicorn, what conditions should be present for the best chance of success? Based on current unicorns, your best chance is to start a business that is revenue-growth based, rather than user-growth based. It has to move money from day one. The few intense user-growth startups are all in ...

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Everything You Need To Know From Today’s Google I/O Keynote

 Today was Keynote day at Google’s 2015 I/O Conference, and you know what that means: announcements, announcements, announcements. Who has time to follow all that? We’ve crammed everything down into bite-sized morsels so you can walk away knowing everything there is to know about I/O 2015. Read More Source link

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Here’s A First Look At Android M

 Android M is still in its very early days; Google just released the first developer preview for use on test devices today. We flashed it onto a Nexus 5, and took a look around to see what was new. The OS is far from feature-complete at this stage, but you ...

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I/O Spotlights Google’s Machine Learning Smarts

 Few will argue that this year’s I/O keynote was Google’s flashiest yet. If you were expecting people to jump out of blimps to bring you a new version of Google Glass, the event surely left you disappointed. Instead, Google used its relatively low-key keynote to announce an evolutionary update to its mobile ...

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