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Ily’s modern family phone is launching on Kickstarter

Insensi has been working hard on a brand new device to make it easier to communicate with other family members. The device, Ily, is a modern take on landline phones that is so easy to use that children and grandparents don’t need directions. Ily is now available on Kickstarter for ...

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Oculus demos a VR selfie stick

Oculus wants to let you go anywhere in the world instantly, look like yourself, and even take a photo while you’re there, and today it demoed how at F8. Watch the demo of Facebook and Oculus’ 360 photo spheres, virtual reality selfie stick, and personalized avatars below: To show how ...

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More evidence points toward Android VR unveil at Google I/O

According to multiple rumors and a newly spotted placeholder on the Google Play Developer Console, it seems that Google will be unveiling an Android VR headset at Google I/O next week. Android Police first spotted the placeholder, which is currently just that — you can’t click into the link like ...

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The iPhone is boring, and I'm OK with that

Where it all began — the first-generation iPhone Apple What was once exciting soon becomes boring. I remember the excitement that came with the launch of the first iPhone. It was a device that pivoted Apple and the entire smartphone market, forever changing the technology landscape. But now, some nine ...

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