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Marketing Startup Influitive Raises $30.5M

Influitive, a Toronto-based company focused on advocate marketing, announced this morning that it has raised $30.5 million in Series B funding. Advocate marketing means turning customers into advocates for your company, encouraging them to make positive reviews and referrals. [related_articles In Influitive’s case, that happens through a gamified interface where ...

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Uber Is Now Testing “Suggested Pickup Points”

Uber is going to tell you where you should get picked up. A few days after I wrote a story recommending that Uber launch a feature called “Suggested Pickup Location”, I’ve spotted the company testing a feature called “Suggested Pickup Points” in San Francisco. When dragging the pickup pin, the feature ...

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thethings.iO Pulls In $270k To Expand Its IoT Platform

Barcelona-based Internet of Things startup thethings.iO has bagged a €250,000 round of business angel funding to build out its backend platform for IoT. The startup’s cloud layer offers analytics, storage, APIs and tools for managing and monitoring connected devices, interoperability with other IoT devices, and, generally, the promise of faster deployment and performance ...

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China’s Mobile Engine Is Slowing, Says Gartner

Winter might well be coming for (more) smartphone makers as the sales engine of China shows signs of saturation and slowing growth, according to analyst Gartner. Putting out its latest global mobile device shipment predictions the analyst says growth across the mobile phone market as a whole is expected to slow down to 3.3 ...

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DIY Disruption Is The Easiest Way To Innovate

Last month I attended the Collision conference in Las Vegas; it served up a hipster/music festival feel with a decidedly tech twist. The event welcomed old-school headliners like PayPal, Dropbox and Facebook, but also brought in hundreds of tech startups, from cloud management vendor CloudBolt to MedYear, a consumer health ...

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Is this BlackBerry’s First Android Phone?

 For the past month or so, the general thinking around the rumor mill has been that BlackBerry is working on an Android phone. If you can’t beat’em, join’em, right? Now we’ve got a rough idea of what their first Android handset might look like. Posted by the endlessly resourceful Evan ...

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