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You can now use Apple Pay to pay for Seamless and Grubhub deliveries

Delivery fiends rejoice, you can now use Apple Pay to get your food delivered even faster.

Grubhub just rolled out an update to the Grubhub and Seamless iOS apps that let customers check out using Apple Pay.

Considering the company did $2.4 billion in food sales last year, and 60% of this was via mobile ordering, the integration is a major score for the Apple Pay platform.

So what benefit will this bring customers? Mainly the ability to shave even more time off their order.

While the shift to mobile has already let customers escape the inevitably clunky and repetitive desktop checking process, mobile order still takes some time – whether it is selecting a payment option, entering a new address, or just selecting what credit card you want to use.

Apple Pay gets rid of most of these issues, making the ordering process faster and generally more pleasant, which helps increase conversion rates for businesses.

While there are no stats yet from Grubhub’s rollout, Instacart’s checkout process is now 58% faster for customers that use Apple Pay compared to those using other payment methods, saving them about a minute each time they order.

Apple has been working hard to onboard retailers, banks, and even countries to the platform – and the results are showing. One million new iOS users are using Apple Pay each week, and the platform is processing 5 times the transaction volume as a year-ago.

The new Grubhub and Seamless update can be downloaded from the iOS App Store now.

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