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Pebble smartwatch update provides Pebble Health data on your smartphone


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About three months ago I posted the news on the Pebble Health enhancements, but one frustrating aspect of the service was the limitation to view your health data only on the watch. The new Pebble Health update provides a smartphone interface for Pebble Health while also improving the text messaging experience for iOS users.

Pebble Health improvements

After updating the smartphone app and your Pebble Time’s firmware, you will see a new interface in the smartphone app. There are now four icons along the top to let you switch quickly between Health, Watchfaces, Apps, and Notification.

On the Health page you will see your activity at the top and your sleep data on the bottom. You can view your activity data by day, week, and month. Your distance, calories, and active time are shown below the graphical representation.

Sleep data is presented as total sleep time and deep sleep time with different shades of blue being used to indicate the different segments. Daily, weekly, and monthly sleep data is also viewable here. A new Smart Alarm feature is also provided where you can set an alarm to go off during your lightest sleep, within 30 minutes of your set wake time.

In addition to viewing your Pebble Health data on your smartphone, your Pebble Time will also now auto-detect long walks and runs. This information will appear in your daily activity chart and on your watch.

Text messaging for iPhone users

I bought my daughter a Pebble Time Round a couple of months ago and warned her that there were limits on the text messaging capability, compared to what I was used to on Android smartphones. This new update supports improved text messaging on iOS, for some customers.

A new Send Text app lets you start a text conversation from your Pebble Time. You can send one of your established messages or a voice note to recent and favorite contacts. Incoming calls can also be replied to with these two options.

The Send Text app requires text replies from a compatible carrer, which currently means only Verizon and AT&T customers.

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