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EyeSight demos VR gesture control using standard phone hardware

Over the past few years EyeSight has been establishing a name for itself by bringing gesture control to a series of computing platforms from mobile devices to smart eyeglasses. Today’s announcement brings the company’s technology to the format where it arguably makes the most sense: virtual reality. The company isn’t letting ...

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Acacia soars 36% in second tech IPO of the year

It has been a terrible year for tech IPOs. Until now, only SecureWorks braved the market and it didn’t go well. But Acacia Communications listed on the public markets today and outperformed expectations. After pricing its offering at the top of the range at $23 per share, the company soared ...

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Cujo is a firewall for the connected smart home network

“Cujo protects everything on your network,” the company’s CEO, Einaras Gravrock says, describing his product in the simplest terms possible ahead of its Disrupt NY launch this week. “Think of it as an immunity system for your network.” The Cujo is surprisingly unassuming, a small plastic stump with light up ...

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AlexaSite wins the Disrupt NY 2016 Hackathon Grand Prize

It’s been a long night at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. But this time, you couldn’t see anyone waiting for a boat. Instead, the Cruise Terminal hosted a very special competition — the Disrupt NY Hackathon. Around 650 engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, something neat, ...

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The key to global empowerment is technology

With the exponential growth in technology, the world has seen not only profound change in various industries, but also a fundamental shift in the structure to our global society. To unwrap this bit of jargon, let’s look at the intersection of human rights and technology. The fundamental nature of human ...

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The future of apps should be better apps

A few weeks ago The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article entitled What Comes After Apps. While the premise that apps today have some major problems is sound, the conclusion, that apps are going to be replaced by something entirely new, was not. The future of apps is supposedly progressive web ...

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