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It's 2016 and we don't know who has our personal data

Image: iStock Security experts are fond of describing companies in one of two ways; those that have been hacked and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked. In LinkedIn’s case, unfortunately, it was both. It’s 2016 and instead of feeling more secure, the industry is facing an epidemic. ...

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Nokia gets 10Gbps symmetrical speeds off HFC in lab test

Nokia Bells Labs has shown off its XG-CABLE proof-of-concept, a technology the company claims will allow for full duplex transmission on hybrid fibre-coaxial networks and is compatible with legacy cable networks. “XG-CABLE can easily integrate into the CableLabs new Full Duplex DOSCIS 3.1 concept,” Nokia said. “By leveraging the XG-CABLE ...

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Many sites downed after "sophisticated" web attack

Attackers targeted a major networking provider with a large web attack, disrupting the access of millions of US and Europeans to high-profile websites. NS1, a domain name server provider and networking giant, was repeatedly hit throughout Monday by unnamed attackers, but recovered towards the end of the working day. Many ...

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​One gigabit 4G: The coming of LTE Advanced

Today, you’re doing well if you get 12 Mbps from your 4G LTE connection. For tomorrow, companies such as Ericsson and Qualcomm are working on delivering Gigabit LTE speeds to your smartphones. One carrier, Swisscom, even boasts that it’s hit data transfer speeds of 1Gbps on its mobile network. Here’s ...

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Meet the new NBN boss, same as the old copper boss

On Friday, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released its first quarterly report on the NBN wholesale market, and revealed the extent of the grip Telstra continues to hold over Australian telecommunications. For fixed-line connections on the NBN, the only segment where the former monopoly provider is not the ...

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