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Shine gives up on mobile network ad-block threats, wants to play nice


So much for sticking “nuclear weapons” in carriers’ dumb pipes. Shine, last year’s enfant terrible of mobile ad blocking is pivoting (again!) — in both tone of voice and business model. It’s also rebranding to, er, Rainbow. So, to keep tabs, since 2011 this Disrupt startup battlefield alum has moved from trying to sell mobile ...

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Toymail adds an app store for its cuddly mobiles for kids


Internet of Things startup Toymail, which sells connected plush toys to parents of younger kids who want them to have a playful alternative to a mobile phone, has now launched an app store. How does a plush toy with no screen run apps, you might wonder? These are exclusively audio apps — ...

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How mobile technology is transforming lives in rural India


Melissa Jun Rowley Crunch Network Contributor Melissa Jun Rowley is a journalist, entrepreneur and activist focused on the intersection of storytelling, technology and social justice. As the founder and CEO of Humanise, Inc., she is developing The Toolbox, a data-driven humanitarian initiative created by musician Peter Gabriel. More posts by ...

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Trump is causing a political app boom, data shows


Anyone surprised by this? The growth of politically focused mobile apps has been booming since November, with the top five political apps receiving a combined 300,000 downloads across iOS and Android over the past three months, according to new data from App Annie. This list doesn’t include news media applications, but ...

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Facebook plans customizable filters for nudity and violence


Facebook wants to give you the power to define what is and isn’t objectionable, and influence the local defaults of those who don’t choose voluntarily. You’ll eventually be able to select how much nudity, violence, graphic content and profanity you’re comfortable seeing. Mark Zuckerberg revealed this massive shift in Facebook’s ...

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