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Why do iOS updates keep wrecking iPhones and iPads?

iOS updates are shipping with more and more show-stopping bugs. Once upon a time, I would encourage people to download and install iOS updates as soon as they were released. But that was before Apple started shipping iOS updates that contained show-stopping bugs that killed vital features, broke apps, or ...

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Apple's latest iOS update is bricking the iPad Pro

Apple’s latest iOS 9.3.2 update appears to be bricking the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. On Monday Apple released the iOS 9.3.2 update to fix a handful of bugs in the mobile platform, but it seems to have added a new – and quite serious – one that’s affecting owners of the ...

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Apple patent hints at multiple nibs for Pencil

Apple only recently debuted a stylus that provides iPad owners with useful functionality, but a patent award shows the company has been thinking about it for a while. The patent was filed in 2011 and was recently awarded to the company. Many of the functions described in the patent describe ...

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Here's how you handle a lost iPad gracefully

Most people get annoyed when they lose an iPad. Former CNET CEO Shelby Bonnie decided to have some fun and entertain everyone connected to him on Facebook for a week. Welcome to a tale of an iPad that was left in an airplane seat pocket, stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel ...

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