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The iPad is on life support

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that he remains “bullish,” but the numbers suggest that this is little more than putting a brave face on things. Must read: Five things you shouldn’t buy from Apple The problem facing the iPad is that it’s past its peak. In fact, “peak iPad” was ...

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Is Apple out of the woods?

The first quarter of its financial cycle is Apple’s most profitable of the cycle. Not only does it include the holiday period, but it also includes the iPhone release period, which makes it doubly important. But with iPhone sales going soggy, and iPad sales not what they used to be, ...

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The iPhone decade: Apple's transition from Jobs to Cook

Ten years ago the then CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone to the world, changing the trajectory of the company for the next decade, and permanently changing the tech landscape. Now Apple is sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in the bank thanks to that single highly successful, ...

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