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Pokémon is getting a live-action movie based on Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Go fever has definitely caught Hollywood’s attention: The franchise is getting a live-action movie, the rights to which were just won by Legendary Pictures. The movie won’t be focused on Pokémon Go, however. Instead, it’ll put the spotlight on Detective Pikachu, a sleuthing version of one of Pokémon’s most recognizable ...

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Meet Dots & Co, the latest game in the Dots series

Dots, the gaming studio that brought you ultra-successful time sinks Dots and Two Dots, is today releasing Dots & Co. Dots & Co is very familiar for folks who have played Dots and Two Dots, yet it puts a greater focus on characters you meet along the way, each of ...

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Meet 6 weird new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have another game besides Pokemon Go that they want you to remember: Pokemon Sun and Moon. Since I loved Pokemon before it was about getting exercise and meeting new people, I’m very excited about Sun/Moon’s release on Nintendo 3DS, which happens November 18. But I’m ...

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5K people turn up to catch Pokémon in Chicago

About 5,000 people showed up at Millennium Park on Sunday for probably one of the first massive Pokémon Go player gatherings since the game was released in the US a couple of weeks ago. Teenagers, artists, cosplayers, young adults and families with children spent a couple of hours or more ...

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Pokemon Go T&Cs strip users of legal rights

Players of Pokemon Go are not only giving up their right to act like sane human beings in public, as they walk around, zombie-esque, reaching into the phones held in front of their faces, they are also likely to be waiving legal rights if they don’t take a very close look at Niantic ...

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