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HTC launches a $1,200 business edition of the Vive VR Headset

Sure, everything will be all fun and games next week at E3, but right now HTC’s talking business. The company’s well-received Vive headset is getting its very own “Business Edition,” the Vive BE, which is targeted at companies interested in harnessing virtual reality for commercial purposes. The hardware, it should ...

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Facebook Live attacks Twitch with game streaming

If people spend a lot of time doing something on the Internet, you can bet Facebook wants a piece. Its latest conquest attempt is the video game streaming business ruled by Twitch and YouTube. Today, Facebook announced its working with World Of Warcraft maker Blizzard to build social login and ...

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 races past 40M sales

Sony continues to impress with the PS4 after the games console passed 40 million sales worldwide to date. That looks to be a lot more than the competition. Unofficial statistician VGChartz pegs Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s WiiU at 20.99 million and 13.11 million sales respectively. The PS4 clocked 30 million units back in November, ...

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VOEZ is an addictive anime-themed rhythm game

VOEZ is a new game out of Taiwan that is climbing the app gaming charts. It is part Rock Band, part DDR, but in a karaoke-esque setting. Put simply, VOEZ is an anime-themed rhythm game. You need to tap, hold and swipe as colorful commands fall to the target line. ...

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Hate the games, not the players

Imagine that you are lead strategist for the Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump campaign (take your pick). Your job is to maximize voter turnout in November. You hypothesize that more people would vote if doing so were fun. If your campaign could turn rallies and voting into a game, you’d ...

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