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Have You Tried Asking Siri To Give You A Hint?

Hey Siri, give me a hint. Apple just invited journalists to his annual September press event. It’s happening on September 9th at 10am. But the best part of this invite is the attention to details and Apple’s easter eggs. The invite starts with a simple sentence — “hey Siri, give ...

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Butterfleye Is A Home Security Camera That Can Learn What Not To Record

Butterfleye is a hardware startup aiming to build a connected home security camera that avoids coming across as creepily prying. In our over-surveilled digital times, putting an Internet-connected eye in your home could mean opening a peephole to unknown third parties. Or create a temptation for domestic spying. Which is not the definition of relationship trust, folks. Ergo security and ...

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LightBlue Bean+ Is An Arduino Board With Bluetooth Built-In

If you’re anything like me you understand the power of Arduino but are stymied by limitations of education, imagination, or wireless connectivity to implement it into your own life. Thanks to the LightBlue Bean+, however, one of those roadblocks has been torn down. The Bean+ is basically an Arduino board ...

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Fly Or Die: OnePlus 2

In December of last year, a new, mysterious phone entered the oligarchy of the smartphone world. It was called the OnePlus One, and it made a hell of a splash as one of the more capable indie phones of the year. More recently, the same company has followed up with ...

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