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Some Sony smart TVs are getting dumb

Sony has issued a notice that YouTube will no longer work on some 2012-era smart TVs. But it’s not Sony’s fault, guys! It’s YouTube and the dastardly engineers who pushed the YouTube app past the TV’s performance capabilities thus proving once again it’s best to offload smart capabilities to set-top ...

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Microsoft is putting Cortana machine learning in a fridge

Microsoft is working with Liebherr’s appliance division to rebuild the refrigerator and make it smarter, faster, strong; well, maybe just smarter. The new collaboration between the two will see Microsoft provide computer vision technology, via its Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API, to let the fridge identify objects contained within. ...

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Samsung investigating reports of Galaxy Note 7 explosions

Samsung is looking into reports from multiple users that the recently released Galaxy Note 7 has issues wherein a few phones have exploded during charging. A Samsung spokesperson told TechCrunch that they’re “conducting a through inspection,” and Korean news agency Yonhap reported earlier that a potential recall of the all ...

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3D print your own bones from everyone’s favorite fossil, Lucy

Admit it: you’ve always wanted your very own Australopithecus. Unfortunately, they’re extinct — but the best known representative of our 3-million-year-old ancestor, the famous fossil Lucy, is now more accessible than ever. Researchers have released high-resolution scans of some of her bones so amateur paleontologists around the world can print ...

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Reverie Classic is a crowdfunded watch with some beautiful bones

There are two kinds of crowdfunded watches – fashion accessories and real efforts at classical design and workmanship. Thankfully the Reverie Classic holds the latter place. The Classic is made by Samuel Tay who previously crowdfunded and built the Sea Spirit a handsome, nautical-themed automatic that did quite well. The ...

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