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The Swift is a programmable robotic arm for the masses

As a child I always lusted after the Armatron robotic arm. Oh, the amazing things I would have done! I could have assembled miniature cars! Pinched my sister remotely! Gently squashed bugs to paste! But, alas, the Armatron was too expensive and I never got one. Now that I’m old ...

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Snap has finally filed publicly for its massive IPO

It’s here! Snap — which confidentially filed for its IPO late last year — has released its public filing through the Securities and Exchange Commission. It’s going to be listed on the NYSE as “SNAP.” This is another incremental step in the process of going public, but it’s probably the most ...

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Bat Bot is the biomimetic flying soft robot we deserve

If you’ve ever seen a bat in flight, you know how impressive their aerial acrobatics can be — so impressive that we have yet to successfully imitate it the way we have with quadrupedal locomotion or bird flight. This impressive new flying robot is the best attempt yet, though it’s ...

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