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Samsung Stock Down For Fifth Month In A Row

 Samsung shares fell another 8.1 percent this month, losing $12 billion in value. The company has lost $44 billion in value since April. Analysts believe that low demand for the company’s new smartphones and upstart rivals – including the fan favorite OnePlus – are hitting the company in a big ...

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Siri Drives Apple CarPlay (Review)

 The streamlined 2016 Corvette Stingray is one of the first vehicles to ship with Apple CarPlay in the States. Simply put, it’s an iPhone for your dashboard, which Apple and car makers hope you’ll use instead of the iPhone in your hand. First, the bad news: CarPlay is far from perfect. ...

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Newer Android Wear Watches Now Work On iOS

 More than a year after the launch of the first Android Wear watches, Google is now finally bringing iOS support to its smartwatch platform with the launch of its Android Wear mobile app in Apple’s App Store today. This probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise, given that Huawei spoiled this launch by announcing iOS support for its ...

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The OnePlus 2 Returns With Another Indie Phone Powerhouse

 If you’ve been out of the Android game for a while you’d be hard-pressed to understand why people love OnePlus so much. These phones, conceived by the folks who initially launched Oppo, are aimed at the Android connoisseur, if such a person exists, and they have a rabid fanbase of ...

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Cyanogen OS Lands On Two New Smartphones, Targeting EMEA

 The Cyanogen flavor of open Android, which is pushing a more customizable version of Google’s mobile OS — helped along by some $115 million in funding in its coffers, including an $80 million round back in March — has landed on two new smartphones heading for Europe, the Middle East ...

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Microsoft Launches First Public Beta Of Cortana For Android

 After a private beta and a few leaks, Microsoft today launched the first public beta of its Siri- and Google Now-like Cortana personal assistant for Android. Microsoft describes the Cortana app as a “companion to your Windows 10 PC” that extends the service’s functionality across any device you carry (which, of ...

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