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The future of apps should be better apps

A few weeks ago The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article entitled What Comes After Apps. While the premise that apps today have some major problems is sound, the conclusion, that apps are going to be replaced by something entirely new, was not. The future of apps is supposedly progressive web ...

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As UX meets IoT, the need for screens will go away

There are two forces at work in today’s IT infrastructure, coming from two different directions. Photo: Joe McKendrick On one end, there is the drive toward enhanced user experience (UX), fueled by the need to achieve greater cohesion between applications and the people who use them, or even a greater ...

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How to rescue a bricked iPhone or iPad

“Bricked” is a word that should send a chill down the spine of any iPhone or iPad owner. Fortunately, most devices that at first seem to be dead can be resuscitated with a little know-how. Here are the steps I take when trying to bring a dead iPhone or iPad ...

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Here's how you handle a lost iPad gracefully

Most people get annoyed when they lose an iPad. Former CNET CEO Shelby Bonnie decided to have some fun and entertain everyone connected to him on Facebook for a week. Welcome to a tale of an iPad that was left in an airplane seat pocket, stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel ...

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