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iOS 10 adoption nears 15 percent after first day of availability

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet Despite a rough start, after just 24 hours of availability 14.87 percent of iOS users have installed Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 10. Last year’s iOS 9 release saw 12.42 percent of users after the same amount of time, according to analytics firm Mixpanel. At ...

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Apple works to fit the smart home under a single roof

Wait for others to take the first steps, let things mature a bit, then swoop in with a simpler, more unified solution. It’s the first entry on the first page of the Apple playbook. And it tends to work like a charm. If you’re reading this, odds are pretty good ...

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Mobalytics is a coach for competitive gamers

If there’s one industry that’s consistently blowing past expectations, it’s competitive gaming. The e-sports market is expected to reach nearly a half-billion dollars this year, and gamers who take part in it are constantly trying to heighten their skills. Mobalytics is aiming to bring visual analytics to competitive gamers so they can ...

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See Jane Go live today

 Ride hailing services aimed at women drivers and passengers are a small but growing niche. See Jane Go is officially up and running today; drivers and passengers can download the app on iOS or Android to get started. SafeHer will be launching in Boston this fall with plans to expand ...

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Razer launches zVentures, a new $30M fund for IoT, robotics, VR and gaming startups

Razer originally started as a hardware company making mice, keyboards and other peripherals optimised for dedicated computer gaming, with its mantra being “For Gamers, By Gamers.” Now, 18 years into its life, it’s changing things up a bit. While the company continues to build hardware and its newer software business, Razer is now also announcing zVentures, a new ...

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