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Slowly but surely, Congress will join us in the 21st century

With Congress’ approval ratings in the single digits, and in the midst of an ugly political season, our legislature might not appear as a hopeful place to start putting U.S. democracy back on track. And shows like “House of Cards” that depict Congress as sinister and conspiratorial don’t help its dismal reputation. The truth is less ...

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iPhone 7, 7 Plus Australian pricing

Apple and Australia’s three biggest telecommunications providers have all unveiled their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Australian pricing alongside the beginning of pre-orders ahead of the handsets’ launch on September 16. Purchasing the iPhone 7 smartphone outright from Apple will set you back AU$1,079 for the 32GB model; AU$1,229 for ...

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Facebook steps in to prove the value of chatbots with Tommy Hilfiger

Here come the fashbots, and this time they might actually be useful. Facebook’s seemingly half-baked chatbot platform soured many on the potential of conversation user interfaces. The first bots built by outside developers back in April were clumsy and more trouble than just using a website. So Facebook’s Creative Shop ...

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Google boosts fiber optic online speeds across Asia

Google Google has begun improving connectivity speeds across Taiwan with the introduction of a new high-speed fiber-optic undersea cable. On Tuesday, Yan Tang, Network Resource APAC Regional Lead at Google said in a blog post that fresh investment in network cables which now connect Taiwan to the FASTER cable from ...

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