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AT&T to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion

AT&T plots the content for its DirectTV Now OTT service (Image: AT&T). AT&T announced on Saturday it has entered an agreement to acquire Time Warner in a half stock and half cash deal valued at $85.4 billion. The deal allows AT&T to push video to its millions of wireless, U-verse ...

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Adtech isn’t dead, it just has a lot of dead weight

LUMAScapes map the constellations and clusters of the digital advertising universe. For many years, that universe, like our own, was ever-expanding. But also like our universe, there’s debate about whether it will continue to expand or end in a big crunch. I would argue the latter is happening — and happening ...

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This smart sock adds sensations to prosthetic limbs

The future of prosthetics is fast arriving, with 3D-printed construction, advanced materials and embedded sensors replacing the unadorned wood and plastic of yore. But like the rest of the future, it’s not equally distributed. In order to bridge the gap for users who can’t afford or get at these fancy ...

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​Dyn DDoS part 2: The hackers strike back

A massive DDoS is making October 21 a bad day for many internet users around the world. (Image: Akamai) I told you so. I warned you we were on the verge of attacks that could knock the internet off, and now we’re seeing the first of them. Dyn, a major ...

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