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Linux TCP flaw lets 'anyone' hijack Internet traffic

Some days you can’t win for losing. In 2012, Linux implemented a new TCP/IP networking standard, RFC 5961, Improving TCP’s Robustness to Blind In-Window Attacks, to improve security. In the process, they opened up a heretofore unknown security hole. Ironically, other operating systems that lagged in implementing this new “security” ...

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Microsoft debug policy leak could make Windows Phones useful again

 Microsoft looks to have inadvertently made some of its own orphaned devices useful again, after accidentally leaking a debug policy that could allow owners of Windows powered hardware such as earlier iterations of Windows Phones smartphones or ARM-powered Windows RT tablets to install alternative operating systems like Android and Linux. ...

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Breaking news: Bill Maris is leaving GV

Bill Maris, who cofounded GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) in 2009, is leaving the unit at the end of this week, according to a new report from Recode. Maris, a neuroscience student at Middlebury who cofounded an early web hosting company before joining Google, is reportedly being replaced by David Krane. ...

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Census 2016 among worst IT debacles in Australia: Labor

Labor has wasted little time in lashing out at the government for the failure of Census 2016 to withstand a claimed DDoS attack, with Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh saying the Census has been botched. “This has been the worst-run Census in Australian history. One of the worst IT debacles ...

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Adding GPS to the Apple Watch is a dumb idea

Image: CNET The current Apple Watch doesn’t have GPS and it still only lasts for one day. Adding GPS to a smartwatch focused on complementing your smartphone and providing mobile apps just doesn’t make sense. Rumors of a new Apple Watch continue to appear with the latest from a KGI ...

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Instagram castrated Snapchat like Facebook neutered Twitter

Good-enough goes a long way when combined with network effect. You don’t always need to be better to win, you just have to rob your competitor of its appeal. Why would people stray if you provide convenience, even without quality? This is the strategy behind Instagram Stories. Snapchat invented a ...

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