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Five companies considered buying LinkedIn

A new SEC filing posted Friday gives more clarity about what led up to Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn for over $26 billion. And they prove that Microsoft wasn’t the only prospective buyer. It shows that the talks between LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella began on February 16 ...

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Furby gets updated again for the smartphone era

A good Furby doesn’t die, it just runs out of batteries. And maybe, if you’re lucky, it evolves every few years or so. Back in 2012, Hasbro brought the cuddly little iconic monster back from the toy grave with an electronic update. A few years on, the company is back ...

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Apple might buy Jay Z’s Tidal music app

If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em. Apple is in discussions with Tidal about acquiring its music streaming app, which offers exclusives and early releases from big artists like Beyonce and Kanye West. The Wall Street Journal reports that the talks are still early and might not end in a ...

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It’s official: Android N is now Android Nougat

 Aaaand there it is. Android N — the next version of Android, coming later this summer — officially has a name: Android Nougat. Sorry, Android Nutella-hopefuls. Don’t like the name? Think of it this way: At least more people will know how the heck to spell “Nougat” now. Android has ...

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