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AT&T says it shuttered 2G networks as 'part of our 5G Evolution'


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AT&T disabled its 2G wireless service on Jan. 1, 2017, in an effort to free spectrum for 4G and upcoming wireless technologies, the mobile carrier announced on Tuesday.

Plans to shutter 2G services were first announced four years ago. AT&T offered 2G customers deals to upgrade to 3G- and 4G-compatible handsets.

The 2G spectrum will be repurposed for LTE in the coming months, AT&T said.

“The retirement of our 2G network — like our earlier retirement of the analog wireless network — is part of our 5G Evolution, which includes continued deployment of our 4G LTE and other technologies in the years to come,” said John Donovan, AT&T’s operations boss, in a statement.

With 2G gone, the original iPhone, which launched in 2007, won’t be able to access network connectivity. Don’t worry, 5G testing has already begun.

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