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Alto’s next mobile gaming adventure is an Odyssey

Alto’s Adventure is still one of my favorite games to pick up and play on the commute, on the airplane or basically anywhere I have both my iPhone and a few minutes to spare. The endless snowboarding adventure is one part mobile game and one part “in the zone” chill-out experience. But now there’s going to be a follow-up, and it’ll be more than an adventure — it’ll be an Odyssey.

Alto’s Odyssey is the name of the next game from Alto’s Adventure developer Snowman, a small studio based in Toronto. We don’t yet know much about what the Odyssey will contain, and Snowman isn’t tipping its hand; a scant blog post tells you basically nothing, beyond that it’s coming in 2017.

There’s also a teaser image, and we can get into some intense analysis of what’s going on in that visual. There are familiar components, including a bunting line in the foreground, but also much more grandiose structures, and hot air balloons. Also, Snowman founder Ryan Cash tells me that ideas for what eventually become this game were in the works before Alto’s Adventure was even released.

It’s likely to be great, whatever it is, given Snowman’s track record. As a refresher, here’s some gameplay footage from the game’s original launch to lend you some zen.

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