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13 of the best tweets about the election

The polls for the 2016 election are beginning to close and Twitter is aflame. As the trashfire of this election burns itself to cinders, we got out of fetal position and took a break from counting down to the potential end of days with Twitter. Here are some tweets keeping us sane on #ElectionNight.

1) Wandering eyes

2) Lost but never forgotten.

3) A judge completely shut down Trump’s campaign after the Nevada polling lawsuit is brought up.

4) A mile high Mannequin Challenge.

5) Bad timing, Verizon.

6) New York has never been afraid to be vocal.

7) The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

8) It’s the little things.

9) Great use of fast motion.

10) Shudders

11) Rigged, I tell you.

12) An important reminder.

13) And of course this gem.

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