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​iPhone 7 Plus claimed to have exploded, too

A Reddit user has posted photos of a badly burnt phone that allegedly is the iPhone 7 Plus.

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The user, called kroopthesnoop, posted photos on Reddit under the title “Running a little hot,” and claimed that a co-worker who ordered the handset received the burnt phone.

They also claimed that an executive in Apple’s Texas office reached out, asking for more information. Kroopthesnoop additionally claimed that Apple called the co-worker and is working with AT&T to provide a replacement phone.

The veracity of the claim has not been verified. Apple was unavailable for comment.

Since Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 for battery explosions earlier this month, multiple reports have surfaced of similar incidents.

The South Korean tech giant has claimed that it received 26 “false” reports of fire since it began the recall.

A Baidu user in China who claimed their phone exploded, according to Samsung, was in fact caused by external heating.

No similar incidents for Apple’s iPhone 7s have yet been reported.

South Korean analysts expect Cupertino’s latest offering to sell over 100 million units by the end of the year thanks to the recall of the Note 7, its biggest competitor.

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